Common reasons why a borrower’s always receive different credit scores

If you are looking for reasons why you are receiving three different scores from the three credit bureaus, then you should probably continue reading this. Well, to start, your case is just common. There are a lot of people out there who are also surprised and still searching for the answer why they keep on receiving different scores from the three bureaus. For the record, the most common factor why the scores are different is because, it was usually on the lender or sometimes, it was a mistake by the borrower. In case of the lender, it is not a secret to many that they don’t usually send their information’s to all of the three credit bureaus that is why it was the most common reason why a certain borrower’s credit score vary between the free credit report score gov. On the other hand, if we say, it was a borrower’s mistake; it was a case of name variations. This case means that there are times that we misspelled our names while filing up credit applications, and if this happen; it will generate different scores under one person’s name.

Another thing that might also give a different score between these 3 bureau credit reports of the three bureaus is the data’s they collected. In your credit information’s, it includes your history in the last 7 years and if one of the bureaus missed some of your transactions in that span, then this gives you a different score from the other credit bureau reports. Furthermore, while swiping your credit cards in supermarkets, grocery stores, etc. All of the transactions on this will be forwarded to each of the credit bureaus using the machine where you swiped your card. However, since the sending process was in a hurry sometimes due to a lot of customers on the line, it produces some errors that affect your credit report as well. Hence, it is recommended for every borrower to check their credit reports to each of the credit bureau regularly and correct them if there are some errors listed on it.

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Why credit scores vary between the three credit bureaus?

A long ago, if you try to look at your credit score from the three credit bureaus, it was prohibited. But, in 1999, a law was declared and approved to make the credit scores from the three credit bureaus accessible to the borrowers. And with the accessibility already given to the borrowers, some issues were arise because most of the time, the credit score blog varies from each of the report of the three credit bureaus. But, actually, there are reasons why this usually happened. And at some point, it was not the bureau to be blame, probably at some point, it was a lender’s fault or a borrower’s mistake.

There are a lot of reasons to point out why credit scores varies between the free gov credit bureau reports. Like what is mentioned, sometimes it was a fault on the lender since most of them only send their information’s to only one of the three credit bureaus. If that report can give you a positive impact, well it will only affect your score to only one of them but on the other two, the result will remain unchanged based on the data’s whom they collected for your credit report. Meanwhile, if we say it’s a borrower’s mistake, there are some chances that they misspelled their names on their credit applications that are why, each of the credit bureaus generate different scores under one name. In addition to this, if there might be other reasons that affect the scores varies from the three bureaus, it was sometimes the errors on their credit report, created by a machine where they used to swipe their credit cards. With simultaneous or continuous sending of credit reports in a hurry, this may give the machine to have an error and as well as to the credit reports, that goes to each of the three credit bureaus, which then give a result of different scores to the same person.

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